Sunday, October 19, 2014

Strength 2.0

As dramatic as this post sounds, it really is not. Each one of us has met with depression, failure and heartbreak. So this post, is dedicated to all of us, for staying strong, changing, facing our fears, failures and pain, and emerging victorious.

To have loved the way she did
And to have lost it all
For she took that leap of faith, and bore the fall
And she fell
Into that bottomless crevasse
It loomed darker than ever 
She struggled, she couldn't breathe
And then, the pain that had enveloped her
Became her strength
The fire that had charred her heart
Caressed her feet playfully
She was golden, she was steel
She was all the colours of the wind
The eye of a raging storm
A lake of calm
A brutal war
She was everything and nothing
A whirlwind of excitement, sanity and madness
Emboldened, she rose 
To find strength, in her shackles, in the fire, in the fall
In pain she found strength
In strength, she found freedom, she found herself 

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