Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where fear has incapacitated every mind

Where is the current uproar headed? is it an uproar at all? More importantly, what purpose is it serving?
We may all be screaming from the rooftops, expressing our outrage and fears; but are we not afraid now?

I have always wanted to be happy, at peace ans successful. Today, all I want is to feel safe and to lose the edge, to not want to clutch my can of pepper spray like it is a grenade, to not take a picture of the drivers details each time I ride an auto, to not have 100 on speed dial. 

I had heard somewhere that  risks must be taken, it is the cost of living, something that gives you a chance at happiness. I have believed that it is okay to risk your job to do what you want to, to take a chance and fall in love, to do the same things a little differently; how do I find the strength and the guts to risk anything when fear is clouding my judgement.? What do I take pride in today? That I live in a society where monsters are out massacring lives without the fear of law? I would not call them animals because an animal would never malign a soul for pleasure.

All I want today, is my freedom, to dream, breathe, go out for a walk after dinner, not be suspicious of every stranger I see. Because right now I have been given all the freedom I need, and more , but what good does it do, when the soul and mind are imprisoned by fear?

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