Saturday, December 15, 2012

Part Two - Strength

So something happened today, that shook me a little. I am not going to describe the event here, but it disgusted me, made me want to sanitize my soul .
I guess in some ways,the incident made me realize that I can put on as many masks as I want or  feign indifference and bravery but it will take all of one moment to crack the wall. And through that one crack would flow my vulnerability, for the world to see.
The adrenaline and fear are now keeping me awake, as I am trying to re-assess myself. I have always thought of myself as a strong, independent girl, who can do whatever she wants, and everything she needs to do, all by herself without any help or support. I still think of myself as a strong girl, who can take care of herself, only, today, she needed to ask a complete stranger for help, not because she needed it per se, but because it was  reassuring, her strength felt strengthened.
So there is this line,"Strength is something you choose" and I have always thought it is essential that we choose strength; but today, thanks to this one little incident, I realized, it is important to choose the right kind of strength, one that lasts beyond the masks, and for that, if I need to reach out to people, ask for help, widen my world; I guess I am ready, it is time.


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