Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why Does It Bother You?

What do you see?
Does the lack of explicit expression bother you?
Is it the fact that the fire I carry within doesn't need eyes, a smile or even an arched eyebrow to be felt?

What bothers you the most?
Is it the joy that doesn't fit into boxes you understand?
Is it the spirit that refuses to die?
Surely, it bothers you,
For you seek explanations in words
So you can chain each movement, cage my soul
Put it in a box, nice and neat
Dim the colours and label them
Red,Blue, Green, Black and White

Why do you need to know the secrets my veiled eyes might hold?
Or what my smile really means?
Surely, it is not curiosity
For I am every colour of the wind
I am everywhere, I am everything
My spirit fills the air
You can feel my soul reach out to you in the goosebumps on your skin
In the colours, in the blur, the tunes and the beats
Everything in and around me echoes my spirit
And yet, all you want is a face, a quantifiable entity
You overlook my truth because it is brave and unbound
It bothers you
What is it though, that really bothers you?

Why does it bother you ?

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  1. Anusha!

    Awesome piece that truly reflects you. And that painting! So very beautiful.Love it!!!



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